Electric pallet jacks make light work of hauling heavy loads with power-assisted lifting which brings with it a plethora of benefits both to your employees and business. Plus, the same care and quality assurance goes into every Clark Pallet Jack, so you are assured of the same “Built to Last” Clark promise.

Here are just a few reasons to upgrade your manual pallet jack to an electric one for your warehousing requirements:

  1. Reduce Injuries
    Our employees are an integral part of any well-run business, so it makes sense to take into consideration their health and safety. Currently, body stress-related injuries account for around 38% of workman’s compensation cases with more than 60% of those cases caused by non-powered equipment. These are not only concerning statistics that pose a problem to your business’s production but also its bottom line. So, it makes good business sense to upgrade from a manual pallet jack to an electric pallet jack. After all, creating a safe and efficient working environment is paramount to any material handling business.
  2. Lower Costs
    The Electronic Pallet jack can also contribute to lowering costs around your warehouse. Electric is the key here, as this means that they use less energy than petrol or diesel operated equipment which is not only better for the environment but also easier on the pocket. What’s more, they can move large weights of material quicker than a manual pallet jack. This assists not only with productivity but also with operational costs.
  3. Increase Morale
    Since happy employees mean more money for your business, it makes sense to assist them in tackling tasks that are physically challenging. An electric pallet jack does just this.
  4. Versatility
    Clark Electric Pallet Jacks come in a variety of lengths, sizes, and capacity, which means that they are a great fit for many industries. Here at Clark, we offer a range of powered pallet trucks from entry-level to heavy lifting options.
    1. Lithium-ion hand pallet truck WPio12
      The WPio12 is an electric hand pallet truck with a lithium-ion battery. It is ideal for transporting all kinds of goods over short distances. In contrast to conventional hand pallet trucks, the WPio12 lifts and moves goods using electrical power. The minimal L2 dimension (length to face of forks) of only 390 mm makes the WPio12 extremely compact and ideal for use in confined spaces, e.g. in stores and business centres of all types.
    2. Electric low lift pallet truck WP15
      The WP15 is the perfect first-time low lift pallet truck model. Ideal for transportation across short distances on even surfaces. With a tare weight of only 205 kg and an integrated charging unit, the WP15 is perfect for transportation in commercial vehicles. The truck can be charged at 230 V outlets, charging the maintenance-free block batteries via the integrated charging unit.
    3. Electric low lift pallet truck WPX18
      The WPX18 low lift pallet truck optimizes material flow with its AC drive technology and the CLARK SpeedControl (CSC). Perfectly adjusted lateral support rollers improve lateral stability when cornering.The truck can be charged at 230 V outlets, charging the maintenance-free block batteries via the integrated charging unit.
    4. Electric low lift pallet truck WPX20
      The WPX20 low lift pallet truck also boasts AC drive technology and the CLARK SpeedControl (CSC). Due to its excellent manoeuvrability and easy control, the WPX20 is perfect for heavy loads up to 2,000 kg.
    5. Electric low lift pallet truck PPXS20
      Whether it is for loading or unloading trucks or heavy-duty material transportation in the warehouse, the CLARK PPX(S)20 series is designed for heavy-duty operation and can be equipped with batteries up to 500 Ah. In addition, two- and three-shift operations are possible due to the optional lateral battery removal.
    6. Electric low lift pallet truck PX20
      With our PX 20 electric low lift pallet truck, CLARK offers a robust and high-performance low lift pallet truck for sophisticated industrial purposes. Heavy-duty forks, strong metal chassis and powerful AC motors ensure that the CLARK PX20 can be used in all heavy-duty applications.