Electric Stacker Trucks

The CLARK design provides the user with robust and long lasting electric stacker and pallet trucks.

Whether for loading and unloading of vehicles or heavy material handling in the warehouse, CLARK warehouse trucks are made for tough applications and can be equipped with batteries up to 375Ah. The optional side battery removal enables these trucks to be used in two or three-shift applications.

Clark Pallet Trucks

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PX20 Pallet Truck

Electric stacker WS10
Capacity: 1000 kg


The WS10(M) is the perfect first-time stacker model. Ideal for transportation across short distances or as a mobile workstation. The truck can be charged at 230 V outlets, charging the maintenance-free block batteries via the Integrated charging unit.

PX20 Pallet Truck

Electric stacker WSX12/14
Capacity: 1200/1400 kg


The WSX12/14 stacker optimizes material flow with its AC drive technology and the CLARK SpeedControl (CSC). Compact dimensions ensure safe handling even in applications with a narrow aisle widths. In addition, the safety function CLARK SpeedControl (CSC) automatically adjusts the speed when loads are lifted, depending on the tiller position, and thus improves safety during operation.

PX20 Pallet Truck

Electric stacker SX12/16
Capacity: 1200/1600 kg


With our electric stackers SX12 and SX16, CLARK offers robust and high-performance stackers for sophisticated industrial purposes. The stable CLARK uprights allow high residual capacities even at high lift heights.

PX20 Pallet Truck

Electric stacker WSXD20
Capacity: 2000 kg


The WSXD20 is a multi-purpose vehicle that combines the features of a low lift pallet truck and a stacker into one. This characteristic is beneficial in particular in activities such as loading and unloading commercial trucks, quickly transporting pallets, and storing goods at a lift height of up to 3,600 mm.

When using the double-deck function, two euro pallets can be moved simultaneously. This significantly increases the throughput rate compared to traditional low lift pallet trucks and stackers.

PX20 Pallet Truck

Electric stacker PSX16
Capacity: 1600 kg


The PSX16 electric stacker truck from CLARK offers everything you need for a demanding industrial application. The stacker truck is equipped with electric servo steering, side battery removal and battery capacities of up to 500 Ah. In addition, the proportional hydraulic system ensures a gentle and quiet lifting or lowering of loads.

Kempston Material Handling is South Africa's
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warehouse equipment. Clark has a 90 year tradition
of quality that is 'Built to Last'.

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