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The L-Series is a powerful, but affordable truck series. CLARK has chosen reliable components what makes this truck series productive and easy to service at the same time. The L-Series can be used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications including logistics, distribution and manufacturing.

Tyre Type: Superelastic or pneumatic tyres
Capacity: 2,000 – 3,300 kg

With excellent all-around visibility, a predictable behavior during the operation and the class leading CLARK masts, the L-Series is made for save and cost-effective operations over a long service life.

product load

Max 2,000-3,000 kg

product fork

Max 7,315 mm

product speed

Max 19,1 km/ h

product engine

LPG 38,8 kW

product ast

Min 4,145mm

Easy Maintenance

The diesel engine used on the L-Series offers a proven engine technology that makes the L-Series easy to service.

  • No computer diagnostic systems required.
  • An absence of electronic functionality improves reliability.
  • Easily sourced components make replacing parts easy and improves serviceability.
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Predictable Operation

  • The L-Series is designed for predictable operation with easy reach cowl mounted hand brake and levers.
  • With its front and centre location an operator can check their dashboard without distracting from safe operation.
  • The ergonomic workplace offers the driver an intuitive operating concept with an excellent view of both load and forks. The optimal seat position gives the driver a good all-round view. This increases safety during load handling.

Cost-Effective Solution

The CLARK L-Series is affordable and offers benefits that provide cost advantages over the life of the truck:

  • Proven engine, parts are cost-effective and are available worldwide.

Other key components are also available in our extensive range of forklift parts and can be sourced quickly:

  • Computerized diagnostic tools are not required. This reduces the cost of maintaining the forklift.
site l20 warehouse driving
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The Clark mast technology

With over 100 years of forklift design and manufacturing experience, CLARK knows what is most important in a forklift truck. The mast is one of the most important components of your forklift.


  • The L-Series utilizes the same proven CLARK mast technology used across the CLARK range.
  • Designed to be stronger than conventional flat-faced rails.
  • Better resistance of side-to-side deflection with strong rail sections.
  • Promotes longer life and improved stability with elevated loads.


Years of experience in the production of key components

No Compromise on Safety

Every CLARK forklift is engineered with safety in mind. This is continued with the L-Series.


  • Low cowl position for better visibility through the mast.
  • LED front lights for optimum illuminated field of vision.
  • Distraction free dashboard provides simple reading at a glance.
  • Large step for a save access to the forklift.
  • Low centre of gravity for stability.
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