Stand-up Reach Truck CRX10-25FL
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Strong and Powerful with Upgraded Ergonomic!

With the CLARK electric stand-up reach truck in 24 Volt or in 48 Volt technology, you can move your loads in a safe and efficient way at extremely low operating costs. The CLARK electric reach trucks are used in applications with confined spaces where it is important to have a cost-effective and ergonomic truck with a safe and intuitive operating concept.

Capacity: 1,000 – 2,500 kg @ 500 mm LC

Storage boxes for keys and a document holder clip provide the operator with several options for storing various items near the operator compartment.

In addition, the operator is able to quickly access the emergency stop button, as it is easy to reach at all times and ensures a safe application.

product load

Max 2,500kg

product fork

CRX10/13FL max. 5500 mm
CRX14/18FL max. 7000 mm
CRX20/25FL max. 7500 mm

product speed

CRX10/13FL max. 9.6 km/h
CRX14/18FL max. 10.4 km/h
CRX20/25FL max. 10.2 km/h

product engine

CRX10/13FL 4.2 kW
CRX14-25FL 8.3 kW

product battery

CRX10/13FL max. 24 V 400 Ah
CRX14FL max. 48 V 210 Ah
CRX15/18FL max. 48 V 280 Ah
CRX20/25FL max. 48 V 335 Ah

Clear View Concept

An optimal arrangement of chains and hoses allows a clear view of the load. The overhead guard bars allow excellent upward visibility. Furthermore, an easy to ready multi-coloured, high-contrast TFT-display is part of the standard equipment of this series.

 Low Floor Height

With a step height of just 315 mm (CRX18FL) to enter into the operator compartment, it is easy for operators to get on and off the unit day by day.

j1n 4182
j1n 4153 v5

Speed Regulation in Curves

  • Automatic deceleration when cornering proportional to the steering angle
  • Reduces centrifugal power affecting the driver
  • Increases safety during transport

Maintenance Made Easy

Maintenance is made easy with convenient access. This reduces the downtime of the truck and helps maximise durability. The bonnet can be opened wide, allowing service mechanics to do maintenance work from a standing position.

Further electric parts including the controller are installed behind an easy access panel behind the mast.

maintenance made easy h667
j1n 4256 pin option

Our Activation via PIN-Code

For keyless activation, via a four-digit Pin, the Pin-Code access can be chosen as an option. With the Pin-Code option installed, the truck will have an automatic shutdown timer in addition. The driving characteristics are then individually programmable for each Pin so that different drivers can have their own individual driving profiles.

Easy Battery Access

The battery can be moved out of the frame along with the mast, allowing easy and quick battery maintenance. A lever in the footwell can be used to release the battery lock and activate the slide-out process.

    easy battery access
    j1n 4165

    Selectable Drive Modes

    Three individually programmable modes of operation (Eco-Normal-Power), as well as an additional crawl speed function, allows the truck to be optimally adapted to all relevant work applications.