Electric stacker SX12/16
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High performance series for robust sophisticated industrial purposes.
Electric stacker based on the Built to Last® principle.

sx16 sideview

With our electric stackers SX12 and SX16, CLARK offers robust and high-performance stackers for sophisticated industrial purposes. The stable CLARK uprights allow high residual capacities even at high lift heights.

Capacity: 1,200/ 1,600 kg

product load

Max 1,600kg

product fork

Max 5,210mm

product speed

Max 6 km/ h

product engine

1,1 kW

product battery

max. 375 Ah/5hr

product ast

Min 2,281mm

Proportional hydraulics system

  • Motorized proportional hydraulics system
  • Sensitive lifting and lowering
  • Safe handling of goods

Upright damping:

  • Enclosed upright damping as a standard configuration
  • Soft transition between upright rails with each lifting and lowering action
  • Soft lowering—no loud banging when lowering the forks
  • Increases durability of the components and ensures gentle handling of goods
dsc3498 2

High residual capacity and easy handling

  • Up to 5,215 mm in lift height
  • Large residual capacities due to 4-wheel layout
  • Wide upright bars for maximum visibility
  • Symmetrical steering due to centered tiller position
  • Crawl speed function on the tiller (optional)

easy operation

  • Programmable for customized driving
  • Convenient positioning of all control elements
  • Ergonomic safety tiller with foot protector due to low vehicle chassis
  • Easy safe control both for left-handed and right-handed operators
einsatz sx16 plattform cmyk ebenen

foldable driver’s platform version

  • Improved safety and ergonomics
  • Better panoramic view
  • Low tread height of the platform of only 160 mm makes entering and exiting easy
  • When the operator leaves the platform, the vehicle automatically changes to stand-by mode and can no longer be moved

Optional: Initial lift

  • Overcoming uneven ground
  • More ground clearance below the battery compartment and the forks
  • Perfect for small ramps or loading bridges
  • Enables simultaneous lifting of two loads


Safe handling:

  • Automatic lowering of the initial lift ensures stability during operation
    tiller 1000x665 1

    Ergonomic and safe tiller

    • Simple and fast implementation of control commands
    • Automated soft deceleration and return into the neutral position when releasing the tiller


    Automatic parking brake

    • Safe operation on slopes and ramps
    • Automatic parking brake is released when driving switch is activated