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All-in-one solution with U-frame trailers
Load capacity per trailer = max. 1600 kg

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The CLARK tugger train is available as an all-in-one solution and consists of the CLARK CTX40-70 towing tractor with a towing capacity of 4 or 7 tons and the CTR01 and CTR02 trailers.

The Single U-frame trailer CTR01 is designed for transporting Euro pallets. It can accommodate a mobile trolley on which Euro pallets (1200 x 800 mm) with a maximum load capacity of 1600 kg can be transported.

Capacity: 1,600 kg

The CTR02 Double U-Frame trailer can carry both Euro pallets and larger loads. A sliding inner carrier allows flexible switching between a trolley with a size of 1600 x 1000 mm and a load capacity of up to 1600 kg or two trolleys with Euro pallets with a load weight of 800 kg each.

product load

CTR01 = max. 1200 kg
CTR02 = max. 1600 kg
per trailer

product fork

66 mm

product speed

Max 12 km/ h

product engine

Tractors CTX: 48 V

product weight

CTR01 = approx. 550 kg
CTR02 = approx. 650 kg

product height

CTR01 = 2,170 kg
CTR02 = 2,000 kg


The heart of the modular tugger system is the autonomous electric steering. This is not only maintenance-free, but also offers the advantage that it uses sensor information that is measured directly at the axle.

Mechanical, hydraulic or electric steering information is not routed via the trailers and thus does not have to be taken into account in the constructive design of the load modules. The modular system allows free configurability with almost no design restrictions.

This means that individual customer requirements can be taken into account. Trailers can be easily exchanged via a standardized interface. This has the advantage that even different trailers can be combined to form a tugger train.

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The CLARK trailers are designed to be very slim and robust. This makes the tugger train extremely compact and the operator has a good overview. However, the perfect directional stability of the tugger train deserves special attention. The electrically steered wheels in the rear axle module guarantee this:

Each trailer follows the other exactly in one lane, on a straight track as well as during cornering. This means that the tugger train requires only a small working area and can be used safely even in the confined spaces.

The CTR01 requires an aisle width of only 2000 mm for a 90° curve (with corner bevelling of 2 x 45° / 500 mm and without meeting traffic). For the CTR02, the required minimum aisle width for a 90° curve under the same conditions is 2500 mm.

The aisle width for a 180° curve (U-turn) is 3570 mm for the CTR01 and 4550 mm for the CTR02


The Clark trailers can be used with various trolleys for Euro pallets and other pallets used in the industry, even special sizes can be realised. All trolleys lock automatically after insertion and can therefore be used in a safe manner.

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Tailored to the application

When implementing tugger trains in a production facility, the individual processes must be analyzed in detail to find a tugger train solution that optimally meets the individual requirements.

With numerous additional functions and options, the CLARK tugger train can be tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us. We will be happy to support you in your planning.