Clark Forklifts are built to last, so if you find yourself with an aging forklift that is continuously breaking down it may be time to upgrade to a brand that won’t let you down in the long run. Failing industrial equipment is expensive and not good for business, therefore you will most likely need a full upgrade of your forklift fleet eventually. High maintenance and performance issues are a good indicator that your forklift may need to be replaced. Here are three warning signs to look out for that may indicate that it’s time for an upgrade:

High Fuel Costs

Are you spending a large percentage of your budget on fuel costs? The latest internal combustion forklifts from Clark boast a very high fuel efficiency standard. There is also the electric forklift option that not only eliminates the need for fuel but also protects the environment from emissions.

Recurring Repairs

If repairs on your forklift or forklift fleet are becoming increasingly regular, it might be time for an upgrade or replacement. Without a reliable forklift like those that Clark offers, your companies’ productivity will suffer. Not to mention the cost of repeat repairs to your fleet.

Internal Restructure

Should the requirements of a specific job site change, you may find a need for a forklift with features better suited to that change. Perhaps you require a forklift that is better suited to a growing operation or one that offers better safety features for your staff. As an example, you may require a forklift that can handle heavier loads than your current forklift.

If you ticked off any of the above issues, it may be time to look at upgrading to a trusted brand like Clark Forklifts, after all, with over 100 years in existence we surely are Built To Last.