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CLARK’s C60-80 series offers safe handling and high efficiency as well as low maintenance and service costs. These extremely stable CLARK vehicles are designed for heavy loads and heavy-duty applications.

Tyre Type: Superelastic or pneumatic tyres
Capacity: 6,000 – 8,000 kg @ 600 mm LC

A fully automated 3-speed transmission, wet disc brakes and a stable chassis make this series particularly efficient and durable. This lowers the downtime for maintenance and maintains truck availability

product load

Max 8,000kg

product fork

Max 8,000mm

product speed

Max 32,7 km/ h

product engine

LPG 82 kW DSL 55.4 kW

product ast

Min 5,250mm

Ergonomics and visibility

The driver’s workstation is designed ergonomically and customized to the driver’s requirements. Due to the excellent view in all directions, the driver can fully focus on the job. This leads to optimal conditions for high productivity during the entire operating period.

c60 app 3v2
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The Power behind the punch

Proven PSI LPG engine (4.3 L, 58.7 kW)

  • Low-fuel high-performance industrial engine

Modern Kubota diesel engine (55.4 kW)

  • Complies with EU emission level 5
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Robust and reliable
  • Low noise
  • Fully electronic motor control
  • Common rail injection optimized the combustion and reduces the fuel consumption

MaximuM Comfort

Controlled Driving + Ergonomic Control
Safe Driving Experience & Maximum Comfort
c60 app 4v2
c60 80 visibility

Robust upright and

fork carriage structure

  • Two primary cylinders in triplex uprights ensure a wide vision window with maximum view
  • Robust 6-roller fork carriage
  • Adjustable canted load rollers
  • Optimum load distribution and low clearance

SafeView @ 360

The CLARK SafeView@360 is a 360° camera system, that consists of four digital cameras, which give a complete 360-degree view to the driver.  In this way, the driver has a excellent image of his surrounding, which increases safety during operation.

By using digital cameras, it is also possible to generate a view from the bird´s eye perspective. The four individual cameras are used to form a common image in real-time. Especially the fork tips and the counterweight, these are precisely integrated into the seamless image displayed.

Thanks to this perfect all-round visibility the application in narrow or unclear areas can be done more safely and quickly

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