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Powerful. Universal. Intuitive Handling.

If you are looking for a quiet, environmentally friendly, powerful, and economical forklift, Clark electric forklifts are just right for you. With load capacities from 1,200 kg to 5,000 kg, you have a wide variety to choose from.

Although electric forklifts have a higher upfront cost than their internal combustion counterparts, they normally have lower operating costs and a longer life cycle due to fewer moving parts. With quiet operation and zero emissions, they are ideal for indoor use.

Our high-performance CLARK electric counterbalance trucks are equipped with high quality AC motors. The powerful traction motors ensure excellent acceleration and a high final travel speed. A large number of customized options allow you to practically tailor your vehicle to any type of deployment.

The ergonomic design creates comfortable working conditions for each driver and, thanks to the intuitive operation concept, safety in everyday operations is improved. The driver has maximum visibility of the load and forks from the driver’s compartment.


electric three wheel forklift gtx16 20s

Electric three-wheel forklift GTX16-20s

Superelastic Tyres

Capacity: 1,600 – 2,000 kg @ 500 mm LC

electric four wheel forklift gex16 20s

Electric four-wheel forklift GEX16-20s

Superelastic Tyres

Capacity: 1,600 – 2,000 kg @ 500 mm LC

electric four wheel forklift gex20 30sl

Electric four-wheel forklift GEX20-30sL

Superelastic Tyres

2,000 – 3,000 kg @ 500/600 mm LC

electric four wheel forklift epx20 32i

Electric four-wheel forklift EPX20-32i

Superelastic or Pneumatic Tyres

Capacity: 2,000 – 3,200 kg @ 500 mm LC

electric four wheel forklift gex40 50

Electric four-wheel forklift GEX40-50

Superelastic Tyres

Capacity: 4,000 – 4,990 kg @ 500 mm LC

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