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No matter what kind of challenge your application requires, your forklift trucks should not only be reliable, but also offer advantages in terms of productivity and safety, as well as costs. With the CLARK S-Series, we are meeting all your demands perfectly. The series is characterised by a robust ergonomic design and is made for a reliable and powerful operation at low operating and maintenance costs. The S-Series offers you a smart solution for material handling needs that will inspire you. In short, this Series is SMART, STRONG and SAFE.

Tyre Type: Superelastic or pneumatic tyres
Capacity: 4,000 – 5,500 kg

It does not matter whether for medium-heavy or intensive applications, the S-Series can be perfectly configured to your individual needs. It offers owners high productivity at an excellent total cost of ownership and operators the ultimate combination of ergonomics and safety.

product load

Max 5,500kg

product fork

Max 7,000mm

product speed

max. 18.7 km/h LPG
max. 22.5 km/h DSL

product engine

LPG 63.6 kW DSL 55.4 kW

product ast

Min 4,499mm

Operator’s Cabin

From rain protection to a fully featured cab with air conditioning

Various cab types are available for the driver’s compartment of the S-Series. To ensure that you get the right solution for your application, the following cabins are offered:

  • Rain protection (roof only)
  • Weather protection (roof and windscreen)
  • Partial cabin (roof, front and rear window)
  • Completely equipped full cabin
clark s series s40 55 application side view
clark s series s40 55 application

Completely equipped full cabin

With the completely equipped full cab, the twopiece driver’s doors can be opened by 180° and fixed to the truck frame. This makes it possible to drive with open doors, for example during the summer. A heated rear window is another standard feature. The easily accessible storage compartments, as well as a Bluetooth radio, completes the features of our full cabins.

For applications in 20-foot standard containers reduced overhead guard heights with container-compatible dimensions are available.Talk to your CLARK representative to find the right solution for you.


The fully-featured driver’s cabs include the following equipment:

  • Heating with proportional controllable heating valve
  • Two-piece side doors
  • Sliding window
  • Bluetooth radio with USB connection
  • Front and rear wiper
  • Heated rear window
  • Cup holder
  • Storage box
  • Note holder

Safety and monitoring system

The truck display informs the operator about the condition of the forklift. Operating hours and maintenance intervals are shown on the LCD display.

The display also informs the driver about:

  • A high gearbox temperature
  • Low Engine oil pressure
  • The state of charge of the alternator
  • A parking brake applied

and much more

c15 dash
clark s series s40 55 application wood

Fork Positioners

Our fork positioners increase the efficiency and flexibility of the S-Series.

More handling capacity can be achieved especially when the load widths to be transported are changing frequently.

CLARK fork positioners have a separate sideshift and are available in different frame widths.

Dual or Twin Tyres

The S-Series can be equipped with dual tyres on the drive axle to improve traction and stability when cornering.

This is particularly useful when transporting very wide loads. Depending on the condition of the ground, dual tyres can also be advantageous for outdoor use in winter.

    clark s series s40 55 application
    clark s series s40 55 clipped maststopover

    CLARK VMS System
    (Vertical Mast System)

    By activating this function, the tilting process of the mast stops automatically in the vertical position when tilting forward or backward. This function can be used with the mechanical hydraulic levers as well as with mini levers.