Electric four-wheel forklift GEX20-30sL
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CLARK builds one of the best electric forklifts on the market with an ergonomic driving position for the operator, an easy operation concept and maximum visibility of forks and loads. Twin 7.8kW traction motors with parallel front drive and 80 V three-phase AC technology lead to excellent acceleration and high final travel speed. 

Tyre Type: Superelastic Tyres
Capacity: 2,000 – 3,000 kg @ 500/ 600 mm LC

Customized options ensure adaption for each application both indoors and outdoors.

product load

Max 3,000kg

product fork

Max 7,800mm

product speed

Max 18 km/ h

product engine

2 x 7,8 kW

product battery

max. 775 Ah/ 5hr

product ast

min. 3,639 mm

Ergonomic and easy operation concept

  • Controlled driving due to easy vehicle operation
  • Automotive pedal layout
  • Easy entry due to low foot step
  • Entry and exit from both sides
  • Ergonomic positioning of the control levers on the hood
  • Optional: mini-lever control
mg 8067

Solution for narrow spaces

  • The vehicle length and aisle space needed basically equal those of a 2.5 t forklift
  • Due to its compact chassis, applications in particularly narrow spaces can be completed using the CLARK GEX30s

Heavy Duty AC drive motor

The twin 7.8 kW traction motors with parallel front drive and 80 V three-phase AC technology lead to great acceleration and high final travel speed.

• Enclosed motors
• Few replacement parts
• Overheat protection

ac drv axl 1
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Steering and Speed

Stable steering axle with 101° steering angle

  • Due to a 101° steering angle, the GEX20¬30L turns around almost on the spot just like a 3-wheel forklift

Speed regulation in curves

  • Automatic deceleration when cornering

Steering system

  • Depending on the steering angle, the speed and rotation of the front wheels are controlled ensuring low tyre wear

Robust upright and fork carriage structure

  • Maximum visibility
  • Nested rail profiles
  • Hydraulically damped lift cylinders
  • Low-noise lifting hydraulics
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Adjustable canted load rollers
  • Optimum load distribution
  • Robust 6 ¬roller fork carriage
    gtx gex display

    Productivity and energy efficiency

    • Customized programming of truck operation
    • Maximum adjustment to suit each work situation
    • Large clear display
    • All settings and functions at a glance-adjustable without special software