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The WPio12 is an electric hand pallet truck with a lithium-ion battery. It is ideal for transporting all kinds of goods over short distances. In contrast to conventional hand pallet trucks, the WPio12 lifts and moves goods using electrical power. 

Capacity: 1,200 kg

The minimal L2 dimension (length to face of forks) of only 390 mm makes the WPio12 extremely compact and ideal for use in confined spaces, e.g. in stores and business centers.

product load

Max 1,200kg

product fork

Max 115mm

product speed

Max 4,5 km/ h

product engine

0,65 kW

product battery

max. 20 Ah

product ast

Min 1,640mm

Fast charging + top-up charging

The lithium-ion battery can be easily recharged without limiting its service life. The battery can be recharged at any 230 Volt socket. No costs are incurred for adapting the existing charging infrastructure (e.g. ventilation).

After complete discharge, 60% of the battery capacity is reached again after only 40 minutes and full capacity after 2.5 hours.

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Double service life + maintenance-free battery

The lithium-ion battery has approximately twice the service life of a conventional lead-acid battery (approximately 1000 charge cycles). Furthermore, it does not require any maintenance with regard to battery acid.

Advantages of lithium-ion technology:

  • Battery is charged to full capacity after 2.5 hours
  • Lithium-ion battery weight of only 3.7 kg
  • Charging at any standard 230 Volt socket via included external charger
  • Long operating periods of up to 3 hours

Comfort and ergonomics

Thanks to the maintenance-free lithium-ion battery and the charger included in the scope of delivery, no major adjustments are necessary in everyday work to replace conventional hand pallet trucks with the WPio12. The WPio12 is perfect for light-duty applications in goods distribution, production or warehousing.

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Our Ergonomic and safe tiller

  • Simple and fast implementation of control commands
  • Sensitive lifting and lowering
  • Automated soft deceleration and return into the neutral position when releasing the tiller
  • Automatic lift stop at maximum lift
  • Safe operation on slopes and ramps
  • Release of the automatic parking brake when driving switch is activated


Smart Display:

  • Battery discharge indicator
  • Operating hour counter
  • Battery management system
  • On-board diagnostics via error codes

High performance in a compact design

The high energy density of the installed lithium-ion battery provides great travel performance and long operating periods of up to 3 hours. At the same time, the WPio12 is very compact and has a low service weight, which means it consumes up to 30% less energy than vehicles with lead-acid batteries.

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