Low-lift Pallet Truck PPXS20
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The PPXS20 – A Compact Powerhouse for longer Transport Distances

ppxsio20 platform ih

The PPXS20 is designed for use on medium to long transport routes. Due to the foldable operator platform the truck can be used in confined spaces without any problems. The electric steering and the suspension of the stable stand-on platform offers the driver additional comfort. 

Capacity: 2,000 kg

An automatic speed reduction during cornering ensures a high level of safety in curves.

product load

Max 2,000kg

product fork

Max 120 mm

product speed

max. 12 km/h
max. 8 km/h (option)

product engine

max. 2.5 kW
max. 1.6 kW (option)

product ast

min. 2463 mm

product battery

max. 375 Ah
Lead-Acid Version


For intensive applications, such as multi-shift operation, where the focus is on high availability, the PPXS20 is also available with a lithium-ion battery (205 Ah). The Li-Ion battery can be easily recharged without limiting the service life.

The battery can be recharged at any 230-volt socket. In only 10 minutes, 7 % of the battery capacity can be recharged.

ppxs20 side li ion
ppxs20 einsatzbild 2


The operator platform with side guards is standard equipment on the PPXS20. Like the side guards, the platform can be folded away manually (pedestrian operation). Together with the standard power steering, this ensures that the vehicles can also be used in space-critical work areas without any problems.

Safe to operate

The platform tread has a non-slip surface and offers optimum comfort and safety thanks to the additional suspension. The low step height also makes it easier for the operator to climb up and down.

When the operator leaves the platform, the vehicle automatically switches to stand-by mode. The truck can then no longer be moved.

ppxsio20 platform ih